Future-proof Acoustic Simulations: Embrace Open Source Software with Undabit

Cost-effective, high-Fidelity acoustic simulation for your design challenges: at Undabit we help you transition seamlessly to open source acoustic simulation software.

Bringing open source simulation to the industry

Commercial simulation software often comes with expensive licenses, making your cost structure inflexible and scaling challenging, not to mention a lack of transparency. Although open-source solutions are available, they haven’t always matched the effectiveness of their commercial counterparts.

At Undabit, we’re changing the game. We’re proud to introduce our FEniCS-based open-source acoustic simulation software, designed to rival even the most well-known commercial software in both performance and quality. Skeptical? We invite you to send us your model. We’ll run the simulations and deliver the results for you to validate firsthand. All free of charge.

Let’s start with a free consultation to explore the best solutions for your application. Schedule yours today and take the first step towards flexible, scalable, and transparent acoustic simulation.

High fidelity

Fast and cost-effective

Personal consultant to solve technical challenges

Our services

We use open source software like FEniCS, an you can too! With a series of specific lessons, we can teach you how to use all the open source software needed to perform the simulations by yourself. Starting from Linux and Python fundamentals, you will be a computational acoustics master!

You don’t want to study computational acoustics, but you need it. Perfect! If you provide the CAD and describe the test that you want to perform, we can set up a virtual test and give you the results!

Next to delivering you a customised open source script, we will also help you integrating it in your software or web application 

You did your simulation and you got super accurate results. What now? The simulation itself gives you the performance of a certain system, but doesn’t tell you how to build the system in order to reach the desired performance.
With our experience and our optimisation tools we will guide you step-by-step in a co-design process, that will give you the best design while teaching you how to do it!


Traditional trial and error methods, with physical model prototypes, can make it hard to stay cost-efficient. These methods are not scalable and not efficient. Simulation allows to evaluate the performance of a system without building anything, and in a time and resource efficient way

Yes. But accuracy depends on the experience of the user, that needs to know how the physical conditions are modeled in the virtual environment. In undabit we have many years of experience both in university research and working with mass production companies.
In undabit we give you a free trial. You will decide if we are accurate or not!

Most of other simulation experts only focus on digital environments. We have many years of experience both in acoustic testing and in acoustic simulation, and will accompany you in the simulation setup process in which knowing the real environment is fundamental. Our skills focus on the definition of the virtual boundary conditions, that make most of the difference between measured and computed data.

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