About us

Undabit is born as a research project from Federico II University of Naples, Italy, initiated by Antonio Baiano Svizzero with the goal of bringing the know-how of computational acoustic research outside the academic world.
Working for 5 years with Denso, leading supplier of automotive solutions, Antonio gained hands-on experience on high level projects working directly with automotive companies such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Peugeot, Renault, Nissan and Toyota. In Parallel, Antonio kept working in the academic world, co-supervising several research projects and attending as invited lecturer on several academic seminars.

After these years, Antonio decided to use his know-how to bridge the gap between companies and this technology. Our ambition is to be a key actor in making computational acoustic and other simlulations accessible by any organisation, easily and in a cost efficient way. Teaming up with Gianluca Ariello and Armando di Meglio he founded Undabit in 2023.

Gianluca Ariello

Marketing and Communications

    Antonio Baiano Svizzero


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